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We are trial lawyers dedicated to the defense of civil claims. We know what risk managers and claims personnel want from their trial lawyers: evaluate the claim at its earliest possible opportunity and attempt to resolve it at a cost favorable to the client and limit legal exposure. If it cannot be resolved then do what is necessary to win at trial.

Cases need to be evaluated fairly, at the earliest opportunity, with a minimum of expense. The job of the defense trial lawyer is to drive this process forward without unnecessary expense, while posturing the case for trial or settlement.

Phillip Hack has 30 years’ experience representing governmental entities, large self-insured companies, and insureds. In those 30 years he has learned what professional risk managers and claims personnel want: an early objective evaluation of the case and a plan to close the file with a minimum of expense while positioning the case for trial in the event the case cannot be resolved.  Staffed by experienced attorneys Phillip Hack & Associates APC is devoted to getting its clients the most from every hearing, brief, deposition, or proceeding.